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How to Stop Overanalyzing Your Life

career self Jan 23, 2018

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Yesterday, we talked with a new client, a senior level executive with years of experience as a leader, a history of promotions and ample accolades.  

In each discussion we have with her, we become more present to her greatness. But we also feel heartbroken to hear how loud her Inner Critic is judging, assessing and chattering negative messages.

“You’re obsolete.”

“You’ll never find that dream job.”

“The great years of your professional life are over.”

Unfortunately, this is a familiar conversation to us. Many of our clients find themselves in a place where they’re unable to take action.

They analyze and overanalyze what they should or actually say.

For many of us, our Inner Critic’s messages sabotage us and keep us stuck, saying some variation of:

“I don’t feel like I’m ready. I don’t have what it takes.”

“I’m not going to do it perfectly, so I...

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Are You Addicted to Being Productive?

career Jan 03, 2018

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Let’s face it, when we accomplish something, we feel good.  Who doesn’t enjoy crossing something off their list?  This may seem like common sense but what may surprise you is that going for the “feel good” of accomplishment can actually start to become an addiction.  A pretty bold assertion, so what exactly do we mean?

Not only do we feel good when we accomplish something, but also being capable of producing so much typically results in acknowledgement from others, which feels even better.  Although both giving and receiving acknowledgement feels good, it can be a slippery slope when our self worth, how we feel valued, and maybe even a part of our identity can become attached to receiving this acknowledgement.  We may become a bottomless pit, always looking to accomplish more and more in order to feel important and fulfilled in our life.  

Are you sacrificing your true self? 

Now that you...

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Reinventing Your Relationship To Your Career

career Jan 03, 2018

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Are you unhappy in your job?  Feeling stuck?  Bored?  Do you find yourself fantasizing about making a move?

Many of our clients answer “yes” to these questions.  They see their happiness and fulfillment as being one job move away.  What we find is that those who are feeling stuck and bored in their current job may have actually felt stuck and bored in their past job(s).  This points to a habitual pattern in the way they think about their career, and may even be a habitual pattern of thinking that affects other areas of their lives as well.  We call this habitual way of thinking the voice of our Inner Critic.  And this voice, left unaddressed, can create a  pattern of dissatisfaction that will repeat itself.  So, before you set out in search of greener pastures to find fulfillment, consider bringing awareness to automatic thoughts of your Inner Critic.  Bringing awareness to this...

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