There is a voice inside each woman.  It’s not just in some women.  It’s in all of us.  We strive to be the “ideal” woman we think we should be, and yet we continue to feel the same self-doubt, overwhelm, lack of confidence, and unhappiness we have felt forever. We look at our lives and wonder: Isn’t it all supposed to be more than this?

What would it be like if you could learn how to unhook yourself from that voice?  To no longer be guided by the habitual thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that have kept you stuck, and instead learn to think in a fundamentally new way?

Dethroning Your Inner Critic is the owner’s manual for your mind that you have been waiting for. In our culture, we are not taught HOW to think.  Knowing the difference between YOU and the voice of your Inner Critic is not only essential to your happiness but changes the trajectory of your life.  

With perfect clarity, this book walks you through the groundbreaking four-step M.I.N.D Method, rooted in psychology and neuroscience, and opens the door to living your life with freedom and happiness.  The tools of Dethroning Your Inner Critic will inspire you to implement the changes you want to see—in yourself and your life---and to achieve your dreams.

When you know how to use your mind to break the habit of giving energy and attention to your Inner Critic’s constant chatter, you have won the lottery of life.  This book will show you how to put an end to trying to change the outside world to find your peace, joy, and fulfillment, but instead to find it from within YOU.

Whether you're struggling with a crisis or a challenge, or you need to safeguard yourself against haters or habitual inner critic BS, this book will help you kiss pessimism and pandemonium good-bye so you can finally be the Queen of the castle in your own life! 

Janine Driver,

New York Times best-selling author

A practical yet psychologically deep framework designed to help you overcome that gnawing voice of self-criticism. If you've never felt "not good enough" - and haven't we all - you need to read this book! 

Jeffrey Hull, PhD,

Clinical Instructor, Harvard Medical School

Joanna has translated her deep well of experience as a psychotherapist into this helpful  guide to self-love. Her willingness to share her own journey allows us to trust her guidance and wisdom. Her MIND process will help readers come home to their Authentic Self.

Alexandra H. Solomon, PhD,

Clinical Assistant Professor, Northwestern University

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