I see you needing to be liked. 
I see you never wanting to fall down or fail. 
I see you putting everyone else first. 
I see you wanting to be more and better, feeling like who you are today is not enough. 
I see you hiding your gifts.

I see you listening to your Inner Critic and thinking she is you. 

And I am here to tell you that it doesn’t take indefinitely reliving the heartbreak of the past on a loop in therapy to find the liberation, ease, and fulfillment you’re looking for. My name is Joanna Kleinman, and I'm a licensed psychotherapist who has spent over 25 years studying the human brain and the mind-body connection, to empower people to create lives they love by changing from the inside out.

When you believe what your Inner Critic is saying, you make her the ruler of your mind.

Research shows that on average, you talk to yourself 50,000 times a day, and 80% of it is negative. When you learn how to Dethrone your Inner Critic, you open up possibility.

Find Your Confidence

Find your confidence to speak up and turn on your sense of “I got this.”

Authentic Connection

Authentic connection with the people that matter to you.

Reclaim Your time

Put an end to people pleasing and get more done.

Find More Joy

Free yourself from the “shoulds” and access what brings you fulfillment.

"I can't get enough of every word you say and of your coaching. I wish I could bottle everything you have to say and take it home with me -- especially in times of hardship. "

New Jersey

"Thanks for helping me become the best version of myself – I'm finding my voice."

Voorhees NJ

"What I've learned from my private coaching sessions is that I do not have to run away or take a pill to take away my feelings. I am in control of how I respond. I am going to learn to live my best most authentic life WITH it. "

New York

"I wanted to let you know that the advice you gave me after everyone left to "Trust myself" was very powerful. I woke up this morning, wrote it down on sticky note and posted it on my vanity. Trusting myself is exactly what I lost. And you helped me find it. Now, I just need to work on keeping it. A BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!"

Cherry Hill, NJ

"I absolutely loved this course! I highly recommend it to anyone who feels that their insecurities and fears are stoping them from being the person that they want to be. The concepts from this course helped me to shift in a very profound way. I feel like I am free for the first time, like a lightbulb has gone on inside me. I now see that most of my fears are nothing more than listening to my Inner Critic tell me who I am. The material in this course is something that every single person could benefit from!"

Patricia A.
Haddonfield, NJ

"Just thinking about where I was a year ago vs now is pretty amazing, and most of that is due to you! I’ve been unearthing and looking at long buried things that I never thought I would share, and letting them out seems to make space for new exciting things in my life."


Searching for the next step in your personal growth journey? 

I would love to hop on a quick call to help you get clarity on where your Inner Critic is holding you back...and what you can do about it!

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