Dethroning Your Inner Critic is Better Together.


"“Emily is like a shining light--she has a huge heart for what truly matters to people. She sees the beauty in people and powerfully gives her clients so much empathy, love, and compassion.”"

Laurie S.

"I feel so incredibly fortunate to have taken this course. I now see that I have allowed my insecurities to control my entire life, including my relationships. The course gave me incredible tools to stop being controlled by my inner critic, so that I can just be the best person that I can be! I can’t wait to pass these tools on to my kids!"

Katie C.
Philadelphia, PA

"You are an incredible public speaker and so warming to your audience. I have seen a few experts in action (and everybody is absolutely amazing) but you really blew me away!"

Diane O.
Cherry Hill, NJ

"Attending this workshop has brought many things to light. I am learning how to become more gain back control of my life. It has been an enlightening experience and I look forward to taking what I've learned into my daily life - work and personal."

Michelle E.
Cherry Hill, NJ

"I never realized how much I have been allowing all the chatter in my mind to control me. I feel like my whole life is going to be different now that I know how to stop letting all that chatter tell me what to do! I can’t thank Joanna enough for how much she has helped me to change my perspective about myself and my life."

Barri C.
Malton, NJ

"I had lots of breakthroughs and Aha moments! Spotting my inner critic, pausing and choosing before she takes over is making me a better mother, wife, daughter--just a better, happier person. Joanna and Emily are compassionate, insightful, and fantastic to work with! Highly recommend the course! "


"Each week, I got more and more out of the program. The homework was enlightening, the coaching was stellar and everyone was vulnerable, true, honest, compassionate, and supportive. Worth the time, effort, and money. "

Leslie C.

"This program was fantastic. The materials, the modules and the group coaching was insightful, inspiring and mindset changing. My Inner Critic is now facing a fierce force from my authentic self. "

Phyllis S.

""I want to thank both of you for completely changing my mind set and helping me break away from my inner critic. You two are brilliant and work so well together as a team. I thoroughly enjoyed the group and information provided. I can't tell you how much more confident and in the moment I feel. I know that whatever comes my way my girls and I will be able to get through it.""

Tiffany S.

"Just thinking about where I was a year ago vs now is pretty amazing, and most of that is due to Joanna and Emily! I’ve been unearthing and looking at long buried things that I never thought I would share, and letting them out seems to make space for new exciting things in my life."


"Emily and Joanna each bring the best of themselves which when they come together is the biggest gift for the rest of us! Individually they pointed me in the right direction during our journey. Their "secret sauce" is that they came at it from a slightly different angle which makes it an award winning recipe! I love both of these ladies for the richness and clarity they helped me uncover in my life!"


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