Tired of Feeling Like You're Not Good Enough?

Join us for five days of live trainings designed to help you move past your need to be perfect so you can discover who you authentically are.

The first step to getting your time and energy back is to move past your need to be perfect. 

 (And yes, I know that's harder than it sounds.)
That's why I'm leading a free 5-day experience to help you get clear about where you're beating yourself up, why you feel that way, and what you can do about it. 
Here's how it will work: 
  • Each day you'll receive an email with that day's prompts, worksheets, and things to think about.
  • I'll also be live on Facebook each day at 11am to share that day's training and to answer your questions.
  • Can't join us live? You'll be able to watch the trainings whenever you find time AND you'll have all the activities in your inbox if you need to take it slow.

Join us on May 25-29.

Give yourself the gift of five days of live trainings, guided exercises and (most importantly) support from women like you on the same journey.


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Join us for this FREE 5-Day Experience! 

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