Dethroning Your Inner Critic

Signature Online Program

This is an intimate and personalized program for any woman who wants to learn to separate herself from her self-sabotaging inner voice so that she can finally experience fulfillment, joy and satisfaction in all areas of life.


Does this sound familiar?

Unrealistic Expectations

It seems like you just can't measure up to the perfect woman you think everyone expects you to be. 

You're Too Busy

You feel like you've tried so many different techniques to shift your mindset yet you always end up falling back into your predictable and automatic habits. 

Authentic Self or Inner Critic?

You know you have a critical voice in your head that leaves you fearful and dissatisfied yet you don't know how to stop it!

Are you ready to redefine what's possible? 

The Dethroning Your Inner Critic Signature Online Program offers online coursework and group sessions to give you personalized support so you can make lasting change!

In the Dethroning Your Inner Critic Signature Online Program, we will teach you the tools you can use on a daily basis to separate yourself from the intensity and drama. By getting in touch with your Authentic Self, you'll step away from the problems your Inner Critic causes, you'll learn to turn down the volume of your critical inner voice, and cultivate acceptance and compassion in its place. 

Learn what's possible by creating peace, joy and fulfillment when you learn to tame your Inner Critic and take her off her throne.

In addition to online videos, worksheets and journaling prompts, you'll have access to weekly group coaching sessions, during which you'll have an opportunity to connect with Emily & Joanna as well as other women on the same journey. 

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Our Signature 4-step M.I.N.D. Method


Get to know the critical voice in your mind you mistakenly thought was YOU!



Learn the signs and signals that let you know when your Inner Critic is the one calling the shots.


Recognize the messages she's been saying over and over your entire life.


Create the life you truly desire by practicing the methods outlined in this program.

What Our Students Are Saying


"This course helped me to define who I am, to stop being so hard on myself, and to accept who I am. There was no way I stopping once I started. "

"I now recognize that I’ve been hiding behind fear. I’ve been afraid of not being good enough and it prevented me from being authentically me. I’ve learned to look within and to speak from my heart. "

"I can see so many ripples of positivity from taking this course. Instead of being a juggling octopus, I’m getting back to who I am. I’m becoming a positive energy for my kids and am learning to manage it all. "

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We want to be sure you see noticeable results in your life. That's why this online program comes with a 30-day, conditional money back guarantee. 


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