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With over 20 years of experience in therapy and life coaching, Joanna Kleinman (LCSW) is a nationally recognized expert in personal transformation. She guides leaders away from the comfort zones that keep them safe and small and into their Authentic Selves, the place where purpose, innovation and fulfillment live.

Through her signature Dethroning Your Inner Critic online and in-person programs and their unique M.I.N.D. Method, her moment-to-moment interactions boldly model this shift first hand.

With equal parts heart-based presence and laser sharp focus, Joanna interrupts “business-as-usual” to help people to uncover deeply rooted blind spots, question what is held as “the truth”, and relentlessly step into their brilliance.

The bottom line

My corporate workshops guide leaders in identifying and separating themselves from their Inner Critic so that they can live out their limitless potential in their work life (and beyond) as well as to empower others to do the same.

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The Inner Critic is the force in all of us which stifles the expression of ideas and actions, specifically the ones that will move us to the next level of success. In our workshops, leaders recognize that what they have believed to be fixed truths or “facts” about their worth, their circumstances, and their current complaints are the beliefs that have been keeping them at that same level of success. 

Through group coaching, interactive exercises and discussion, participants get “unhooked” from these limiting paradigms of negativity, fear, mistrust, and low morale so that they can have the important conversations, execute their ideas, own their brilliance, and bring their team with them.

Workshops are customized to meet organizational needs.

Takeaways include:

  • Trust in Team: We provide tools to help participants go from an “us vs. them” culture to a team agenda. My workshops increase the capacity to build more productive, collaborative relationships.
  • Boosted Performance: Operating from the Inner Critic stifles performance and leads to self-sabotaging behaviors. Leaders will walk away from our corporate workshop with simple and effective tools to separate themselves from their Inner Critic. This frees them to operate from a confident and empowered place which boosts job performance and facilitates inspirational leadership.
  • The Ripple Effect: I equip leaders with the tools to understand the intricacies of their own Inner Critic, so they are then able to identify and shift their team’s disempowered stories about themselves, their work, and their company. When we are less afraid of failure, there is more room for creativity and innovation.

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