THIS is the Reason You're Feeling Stuck in Your Life


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Here’s a fact you may not know: The average human being thinks 50,000 thoughts PER DAY. 

Now if I asked you to identify a theme around what MOST of your thoughts are about...what would it be? 

If you are like most humans, most of your self-talk is about yourself, and most of it is negative. 

This is Inner Critic territory - you’re thinking about where you are failing, imperfect, not enough, being judged, upsetting others, or even "too" successful. I want to talk to all of you about YOU!  All of us think we have some idea of who we really are. 

So many women are living life with their Inner Critics in their ear thinking THAT is who they are. 

That's what I want to talk about today - who we THINK we are and who we REALLY are.

We have developed an identity from our childhood experiences, from our parents and siblings, our idea of what it means to be a girl, a woman, a wife, a...

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How to Become a Different Human

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Hey Dethroners!  Little by little, step by step, I am completely rewiring an entirely new mind every day. 

How am I doing this you ask? Well, I am bringing a moment to moment awareness to the voice of my Inner Critic, and all of my Inner Critic’s demands and expectations about how I am supposed to be, how my life is supposed to be, and how my future is supposed to be.  

I am sitting back and paying very close attention to her voice. I am watching her attachment to security and her discomfort with the unknown. I am realizing that my Inner Critic’s NEED for security, predictability and control has been with me for my whole life.  I am coming face to face with just how much time and energy I have wasted throughout my life, focused on trying to get my life to match my Inner Critic’s ideal pictures. 

I am recognizing that I have wasted a ton of emotional energy in the form of worry, discontent and...

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How My Inner Critic Is Addicted to My Self Worth

podcast self esteem Jan 07, 2020

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Hey Dethroners!  This is the first podcast of 2020, the year of clarity--2020 vision.  I am so excited about all of the unknown developments that are going to be happening this year and even in this decade. I know that 2019 was a really pivotal year for me and I know also know it was for a lot of you listening to this podcast.

It feels like there is a shift beginning to happen, where more and more people are wanting to learn how to live life from a higher consciousness where we are living life with a more open heart. We are able to more fully love ourselves and love others and we stop living our lives out of fear and protection.

I practice the DYIC tools every day because it is the structure that allows me to live a more joyful and peaceful life where I am more accepting of myself and of others. I am letting go of my attempts to try to predict, control, or force so many parts of my life. And I for one am thrilled to be on this...

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Why Are So Many People Unhappy?

podcast self esteem Dec 17, 2019

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Hey Dethroners!  Today I want to talk about why as a species, we are actually hard-wired for unhappiness and what we can do about it.  This is why I do the work that I do in the world--because I believe that now more than ever, we ALL need to learn to take charge and become the master of our minds. 

As human beings, we are wired for connection, generosity, and love. So if there is something that interferes with this, this is what creates unhappiness and dysfunction.  And right now, we are living in a culture that definitely interferes with this. A lot of messages we get in our culture, beginning at a young age, make us unhappy, sick, frustrated, unkind to ourselves and unkind to each other. 

Our culture promotes competition and comparison. Our culture promotes people feeling dissatisfied with what they have, always wanting more, and the idea that people are worth what they have or what they own or what they look...

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Why Your Emotional Intelligence Matters More Than Your IQ


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Today, I want to talk to you about why emotional intelligence is the most important thing in determining your success in any area of your life and why it matters way more than your IQ. In our culture, we've learned to place a lot of value on success as being the thing that defines our happiness. And we were frequently asked as young children starting at a very young age, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Our education system focuses on getting the right grades so you can get into the right college so that you can get the right job so that you can make the right amount of money. And we worry about money and about success and about accomplishment. Starting at a young age, we try to find the exact path so as to make sure that everything in our life works out.

And this breeds a culture in which depression and anxiety have skyrocketed to unparalleled heights. Some studies even suggest that the average high school student today has the same...

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Stop Trying to Find Your Purpose


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I often hear from clients that they are searching to find their purpose in life. This is an area where your Inner Critic can go haywire. She tells you that you need to figure out how to live a purposeful life and has you running in circles trying to find the thing that will make you feel complete. She may have been trying to convince you of this for your whole life.

When you are examining the gaps of where you are versus where you want to be, it is imperative that you recognize this habit of your Inner Critic. Because the truth is that you don’t have to figure out how to BE enough. You already are enough. There is nothing to fix, change, or perfect about you and your life. You already ARE good enough.

You are not enough because of anything you do or don’t do. You are already enough because you are alive. Your purpose is being YOU, your Authentic Self. No one else is examining your life to make sure you are good...

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What Kept Me Stuck For Years

Today I want to talk about how stuck I was in my life for so many years (and I really had no idea that I was stuck). I had a really great life--I had three healthy children, a loving husband, and a satisfying career as a psychotherapist. But I never felt really satisfied. I never felt that sense of peace and contentment that I was really craving.

And that is because I spent many years waiting for the circumstances of my life to match the ideal picture that I had in my mind. I spent so much energy focusing on why my private practice as a therapist was sometimes not as busy as I wanted it to be. I was making pretty good money and definitely making a difference in people’s lives. But I knew deep down that I could have a bigger reach and a greater impact. I found myself often frustrated and stuck about how to make this a reality and worried about whether I would ever make my dreams come true to write a book and speak to large audiences. 

I also spent years in...

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Your Blind Spots

Today I want to talk about blind spots. Those are the parts of our lives where we are completely blind to what is keeping us stuck.  It’s the parts of ourselves that we don’t even know, that we don’t know. We are often blind to the thoughts that make us feel badly.  Examining those blind spots allows you to see where you have been engaging in certain habits that don’t serve you.  

Because much of what keeps bad habits in place are blind spots.  Said a different way-- how many times have you set an intention to break a bad habit?  Think about overeating at night or when you’re bored or overspending (Retail therapy anyone?) Or how about yelling at your partner or children only to regret it moments later? You set the intention and may start off strong with breaking the habit..a day, two days, 1 week, 3 weeks… but soon enough, you find yourself returning right back to that bad habit and wondering what gives??  Will...

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How I Personally Cope With Shame


Today, I want to talk about shame. It's something that I am very familiar with in my own life. In fact, many people struggle with shame and don’t even realize that is what they are dealing with. We grow accustomed to listening to the incessant chatter of the voice in our head, the voice I call the Inner Critic.

When I talk about shame, I'm not talking about anyone actually DOING anything wrong. I'm talking about the FEELING and the thoughts that we are somehow wrong, defective, inadequate, not good enough, or not strong enough. Everyone feels shame, but most of us don’t recognize the forms that shame can come in. For instance:

  • Shyness is shame in the presence of a stranger
  • Self-doubt is shame about a possible failure
  • Embarrassment is shame in front of others
  • Self-consciousness is shame about how you are perceived
  • Feeling not good enough is all-encompassing shame about yourself

Our Inner Critic triggers shame by whipping up habitual thoughts that...

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The Truth About Anxiety and How to Use it to Your Advantage

Anxiety is part of being human. It’s something I have dealt with for my whole life and I really didn’t even know it.  Before I began the journey of separating myself from the habitual thoughts in my mind (which I call the inner critic), I thought it was normal to let my mind constantly focus on the future. I thought that all of my thoughts of trying to manage and perfect myself and my life was just how you were supposed to do life. I was completely blind to what it cost me in time, energy, joy, satisfaction, and gratitude. I thought the idea “Once I get there” was just normal.

Given that human beings have been suffering from their own thoughts for thousands of years, it is astounding to me that it is not yet part of our culture to learn how to manage our minds. Right now, over 40 million adults suffer from an anxiety disorder. But many people think they are alone and that they are not normal. Albert Einstein said we can’t solve problems by using...

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