The Difference Between Guilt and Shame

Emily’s helping you understand the difference between guilt and shame. Identifying these emotions is an important step toward better understanding your Inner Critic. When you can move past guilt and shame, you will stop punishing yourself and step into a life of self-compassion.

Here are this week’s reflection questions:

  • How are you reacting when you’re feeling guilty or shameful? What is your Inner Critic saying?
  • Instead of beating yourself up, how can you treat yourself with compassion?
  • What can do you to invite mindfulness into the moments you’re experiencing guilt or shame?

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Is Your Inner Critic Being a B*$ch about Spring?

Now that it’s Spring, we’re putting away our winter coats. The daffodils are out, the sun is shining, and the days are longer. Many of us feel the pull to spend more time outside, clear away the cutter in our homes, or maybe take on a new eating or exercise routine.

For others, the change of the season is just another reason for their Inner Critic to hyper-focus on what is missing in their life. The newness of Spring is another reminder that someone else is happier. (And if you need proof, just take a look at your Instagram feed!)

When it feels like life is better for your Facebook friends on the beach for Spring break, your Inner Critic is jumping straight into the “shoulding”. She’s saying, “It’s Spring. Everyone loves Spring. You should too. You’re supposed to be happy! Everyone else is!”

Does any of this sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Here’s the thing: When your Inner Critic is triggered by the newness of...

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