There is No Such Thing as a Relationship

relationship Jun 07, 2019

It is not uncommon to hear people describe their relationship as a thing.  You might label your relationship as “good” or “bad”. You might say, “my relationship is boring” or might label it as exciting.  


Here’s what you need to realize: Your relationship is not a thing.


There is no such thing as a relationship. Instead, we’re interconnected in a million different ways with those we care about. When you focus more on how you exist in connection with your loved ones, you stop labeling and start improving the quality of those connections. You realize your “relationship” is nothing more than a series of interactions.


Here are three ways that you can improve your interactions today:

  1. Choose your actions like you choose what to wear to an important event.


Spend as much time discovering great ways to create wonderful moments with your loved one as you would getting ready for an important...

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