How to Become a Different Human

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Hey Dethroners!  Little by little, step by step, I am completely rewiring an entirely new mind every day. 

How am I doing this you ask? Well, I am bringing a moment to moment awareness to the voice of my Inner Critic, and all of my Inner Critic’s demands and expectations about how I am supposed to be, how my life is supposed to be, and how my future is supposed to be.  

I am sitting back and paying very close attention to her voice. I am watching her attachment to security and her discomfort with the unknown. I am realizing that my Inner Critic’s NEED for security, predictability and control has been with me for my whole life.  I am coming face to face with just how much time and energy I have wasted throughout my life, focused on trying to get my life to match my Inner Critic’s ideal pictures. 

I am recognizing that I have wasted a ton of emotional energy in the form of worry, discontent and...

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