Failure is a Great Option!

failure podcast Nov 26, 2019

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Today I want to talk about one of my favorite topics, which is failure. The reason why it is one of my favorite topics is that a lot of you listening have designed your lives around avoiding failure at all costs.  And this has caused you to give up on your dreams, keep you from achieving success in a lot of areas of your life, may have you feel very stuck, and also have a lot of complaints about life.  

We have been taught to avoid failure since we were young. In school, you can’t fail a class or can’t fail a test.  That is considered very bad. I think my whole education growing up was about studying to get the grade, rather than to actually learn.  What would school have been like if we had been taught that failure just means that there’s more to learn? How much more fun would school be?  

Your fear of failure is what costs you your dreams.  For a lot of you, your fear of failure...

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What You Can Get From Failure

failure podcast Nov 19, 2019

Can't listen? Here's the transcript: 

Today I would like to talk about how failure can actually be one of the greatest gifts in our lives.  So many of my clients start out on their dethroning journey completely unaware that they have been living their lives trying to ward off all forms of failure. 

Why is that? Basically, fear of failure is really a fear of feeling any negative emotions. Most people don’t recognize that they are spending so much of their emotional energy trying to avoid feeling any emotions that feel uncomfortable. This has them scared to do anything that would risk failure.

At the heart of avoiding failure is a belief that you have to do something perfectly or you have to make sure it will go exactly as planned, or else you will feel a negative emotion that you don’t want to feel. And this is a direct result of your Inner Critic ruling your mind.

When our Inner Critic is in control of our minds, we feel out of control with our...

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