The Life of Your Dreams

life Oct 01, 2017

Human beings are designed to avoid pain. When we were cavemen/women, we needed a part of our brain to alert us to danger. We needed to know that if we were picking berries and a saber tooth tiger was nearby, we needed to avoid that situation big time!

Our bodies and minds are literally hard-wired to protect us from danger, by causing us to either run or fight. In today’s world, most of us are not nose to nose with tigers, thank goodness! But, the danger that is unavoidable in each and every one of our lives is emotional pain.

Emotional pain happens to every single one of us, without exception. And when we feel the unavoidable pain of conflict, disappointment, failure, and shame, our hard-wiring kicks into full gear. We want to run away from the discomfort by withdrawing or numbing or fight it by blaming and justifying.

What most of us are not taught, is that the way to truly feel calm, centered, balanced and happy is to be willing to use our fear and pain to teach us about...

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Parenting From Love and Compassion

parenting Oct 01, 2017

We all want our kids to grow up to be successful in life.  So much, in fact, that our Inner Critics often hijack our thought process with “What if’s”.  What if they don’t get good enough grades to get into a good college?  What if they don’t have enough friends?  What if they dress all in black when they’re 16?  What if I’m not doing enough as a parent to help them succeed?

Parenting from this place of fear creates much of the drama, stress, and pressure between us and our kids.  Our Inner Critic creates our own internal anxiety by convincing us that we need to “make sure” that our kids turn out to be “successful”.   We focus on measurements of their success:  grades, sports performance, groups of friends, appearance.  We don’t recognize that this is our Inner Critic’s agenda, that it is an illusion to think that we can fully control how our children turn out.


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