Designing The Life of Your Dreams

podcast Mar 26, 2019

Joanna is helping you get clear about what is needed to have the life that you want to actually become a reality. Creating a compelling vision about what you really want becomes the compass you to make the changes needed to bring those dreams to life.

Here are this week’s reflection questions:

  • What do you really want for your life? What does the end result look like?
  • What action should be the first step you take?

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3 Strategies to Ditch The Mom Guilt

parenting Mar 13, 2019

You wanted to take time for yourself. You said you were going to do it. You even marked it on your calendar. But didn’t actually happen. (Or worse, you held onto your self-care time and the mom-guilt came along for the ride.)

As a mom, we are used to endless responsibilities. We’re masters at managing multiple moving pieces - all the time. So why does self-care slip through our fingers so easily?

Here’s the simple answer: When you’re chasing the impossible expectations and ideals that come with motherhood, you set yourself up to fall short. And when you’re frustrated with yourself for not measuring up, it’s easy to feel undeserving of self-care.

This all too familiar sequence of events can usually be attributed to our dear, old friend: the Inner Critic.

For the average mom, the role is synonymous with less than 32 minutes of solo time per day, says a recent study.

No wonder that leaves us Mamas lingering an extra luxurious few...

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What Would Love Do?

podcast Mar 08, 2019

Joanna’s sharing insights into how to cultivate kindness and connection with yourself and those around you. She’s chatting about how our Inner Critic impacts our parenting by telling us we’re messing up our kids.

Here are this week’s reflection questions:

  • Where are you stuck in fear or feeling like your life isn’t the way it “should” be?
  • How are you triggered by your fears in your parenting?
  • What stories is your Inner Critic telling you about what’s wrong with you (or your children)?
  • What would love do in this situation?

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How the Comparison Game is Keeping You Stuck

podcast Feb 19, 2019

Joanna is sharing all the ways that comparison is the thief of joy...and why shame is the prison that locks it away.

Here are your reflection questions for the week:

  • Where are comparing yourself to another woman in your life? How is this causing you to despair?
  • Where do your thoughts sound like a broken record?
  • How can you use choose gratitude today to help you connect to your authentic self?
  • What stories are you making up about others around you to avoid becoming who you truly are?

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How to Trade Your Shame for Joy

podcast Feb 08, 2019

Joanna’s diving into one of her favorite topics: Living a life of joy by being vulnerable.

Here are your reflection questions for the week:

  • How is shame driving your actions?
  • Where are living your life on autopilot?
  • Where in your life could you get vulnerable? What are you trying to protect yourself from?

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How Your Inner Critic Whips Up Drama

podcast Jan 31, 2019

Today, Joanna is getting real about the constant, incessant mind chatter that our Inner Critic gives up every day.

Here are your reflection questions for the week:

  • What life goals are keeping your Inner Critic on her hamster wheel?
  • What is your Inner Critic’s theme song?
  • What would happen if you were able to react to those you care about from a place of love and connection?

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Are You Parenting From Love or Fear?

parenting Apr 11, 2018

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 Hey Dethroning Tribe!

This weeks message is a special shout out to all you parents out there. As parents, we dream about who our children are going to be, how they might be like us, how they might be different from us, and how we can raise them to be happy and successful in life.  While this dreaming is a normal part of parenthood, many of us wake up one day only to realize that our children are just different than what we expected.  

Because we have expectations of who we want our children to be, and how we want them to behave in their lives, when they don’t fit this picture, we may automatically react from a place of trying to fix or change them to fit our expectations. If we can’t fix or change them, we may feel that we have failed as a parent, or are not doing a good enough job in raising our children. And as our children continue to grow, our fear of messing them up can continue to grow, too. Sound familiar? You are...

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Is Your Inner Critic Being a B*$ch about Spring?

Now that it’s Spring, we’re putting away our winter coats. The daffodils are out, the sun is shining, and the days are longer. Many of us feel the pull to spend more time outside, clear away the cutter in our homes, or maybe take on a new eating or exercise routine.

For others, the change of the season is just another reason for their Inner Critic to hyper-focus on what is missing in their life. The newness of Spring is another reminder that someone else is happier. (And if you need proof, just take a look at your Instagram feed!)

When it feels like life is better for your Facebook friends on the beach for Spring break, your Inner Critic is jumping straight into the “shoulding”. She’s saying, “It’s Spring. Everyone loves Spring. You should too. You’re supposed to be happy! Everyone else is!”

Does any of this sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Here’s the thing: When your Inner Critic is triggered by the newness of...

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What to Do the Next Time You're Stressed About Your Weight

body Mar 07, 2018

How many times have you labeled food as “good” or “bad”? (We’ve all done it, right?)

In my work as a psychotherapist, I see so many women who feel shame every time they eat something on their bad list. Or there are the women who eat while on autopilot who are numbing their shame, fear, and sadness with food. Even exercise can be a way for us to run from our emotions.

I have yet to meet a woman who cherishes her body and treats it with love and kindness.

It’s no surprise that a recent Weight Watchers study found that as many as 75% of women dislike their bodies. As a result, the women surveyed were more likely to feel shame about their appearance and problems in their relationships.

And yet what many of us still believe is that the way out of this mess is to just “eat healthier” and “exercise”.

Don’t get me wrong--I’m all in favor of eating nourishing food and moving your body to stay strong, healthy, and...

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How to Stop Overanalyzing Your Life

More and more, I see many therapists, coaches, and self-help books talk about the importance of self awareness for making profound shifts in your life. But this type of analysis alone won’t shift your life. 

For example, there are people who are aware that they’re overweight or obese and hate it. That’s self-awareness in a nutshell: knowing yourself and your perceived problem. But what’s next? What do they intend to do about it? Awareness isn’t enough. You have to understand where your habits are holding you back, where your triggers are, and how to get away from those triggers. 

The truth is that the majority of our thoughts and actions are on autopilot and we don’t even know it. We’re not even aware of our own habits, routines, impulses, and reactions. And when this happens, we aren’t in control of them. Instead, they control us. 

I consider myself to be a very unconventional therapist. I don’t follow the path of...

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