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Your Step by Step Guide to Rewire a New Mind

podcast Jun 30, 2020

Can't listen? Here's the transcript: 

Hey Dethroners!  I hear from so many of you that you really want your lives to be different and you really want to think from a new mind...but you keep believing what your old mind is saying, and you are struggling with how to do this. 

So here it is--today I am going to talk about exactly what thoughts you need to think to rewire a new mind and design a new life! What is imperative for you to understand is that everything you are living right now is a response to your story. The way you think, feel, your attitude about yourself and your life is all from your story. 

And if you are swallowed by your Inner Critic’s story, you can’t hear your authentic self.  The self that is from within your soul, not your ego. Your ego is where your Inner Critic mind lives. Your authentic self knows that you are worthy beyond measure and that all is well for you right now. There is abundance that is flowing to you, but your Inner Critic is the one that says it’s not--Your authentic self already knows that you are abundant in nature. 

Your Inner Critic focuses on the feeling of lack or scarcity. And lack or scarcity can only come from automatic thoughts that focus on what should be and what shouldn’t be and what is supposed to b, and how can I control all of the things in my life that I don’t like. And your Inner Critic is all about “How can I get what I want?”  And when we are asking that question, we have negative thoughts when we encounter what we perceive to be obstacles. 

We can’t create a new life from our Inner Critic mind. We have to step away from all of those thoughts and create a completely different mind. 

Here is exactly how you do that. First, you begin by only having thoughts that are rooted in the richness and fullness of the present moment. You don’t look at your past and focus on all the evidence your Inner Critic finds to prove that you aren’t ok and aren’t enough because you acted badly in this relationship, or pushed those people away, or got fired from this job, or didn’t fulfill that accomplishment. 

You realize that all of those past occurrences have been teaching moments to show you where your blind spots and automatic thinking have kept you stuck. You stop looking at the future and worrying and fretting about what may or may not lie ahead, because you have absolutely no idea what lies ahead, and you will never be able to know what lies ahead. 

You can only think, feel, and act in this very moment and then let life flow wherever it flows. Because it’s going to flow there anyway.  Your worry doesn't change where it’s flowing.  All there ever is to think, feel, and act in this very moment. 

So when we are thinking from our new mind, rather than asking the question, “How can I get what I want” and seeing the obstacles as problems, we can ask, “What does the universe want from me?” and then we can see the obstacles as something that is there to teach us and show us.  

I truly believe that the universe loves to create. When we consciously think from a place of love and abundance and possibility, we become vehicles for love and abundance and possibility to flow towards us. This is what I have seen in my life. As soon as I learned to think from a completely different mind, my world began to shift. And now I have come to live a life where I expect flow and love and creativity and inspiration and connection. 

And the more I let the universe guide me to be of service and continue to surrender my Inner Critic’s demands and attachments, the more at peace I am and the more life flows. 

And this was not always the case for me. In fact, I used to spend almost all of my time focusing on what I didn’t want and what I wanted to be different and who I wanted to be different.  And the more I focused on what I didn’t want, the more I got what I didn’t want!  

You can’t continue to focus on the absence of what you want and have things change.  The presence of what you want and the absence of what you want are two totally different things. You need to decide which one you will focus on. 

Most people say I am going to focus on what I don’t want. But what if you began to focus on what you do want as though it is already on its way. Many people I work with come to me because they want to break free from the limiting beliefs that keep them stuck in the same patterns in so many areas of their life. So they focus on getting rid of the limiting beliefs which actually adds energy to the current limiting beliefs.  If you think, “I don’t want to think this”--guess what you’re thinking? 

So step one was aligning your thoughts only with the present moment. Step two is to focus on thoughts that are in alignment with already living a life of self-love, inner peace, joy, and abundance. 

So thoughts like: I love this life that I am living. Wellbeing surrounds me.  There is outrageous abundance that is already on its way to me. It’s fun to expand and grow.  My environment helps me to continue to see things that I want and expand and grow.  My life gets better and better. I am surrounded by people who are like me and like to learn about living a conscious life. It is really fun to be in this physical body and to keep growing and learning and awakening.  I get a nonphysical hug from the inside out when I am tuned into my authentic self, who is all-loving and accepting.  I am enjoying how my life is unfolding and I am feeling freedom by detaching from other people’s thoughts, judgments, opinions, or what they are wanting from me.

As I am living from a place of love and peace, People around me are starting to love their lives too. When you are inwardly creating higher energy because you are focusing on these new thoughts, you can actually begin to feel the predominant energy of abundance.

Because abundance flows to someone who is in energetic alignment with abundance.  This is how the universe flows. I am becoming more of a mental being and not a reacting being. I am creating my internal energy with my conscious thoughts, rather than reacting to the people and circumstances around me.  

New ideas are coming to me all the time.  New people are surrounding me all the time.  I love the cooperative nature of knowing that we are all getting what we are offering energetically.  The more I am focusing on what I appreciate about myself and my life right now, the better my life gets. 

I am a clear example that the higher my internal energy is the universe will continue to give me circumstances and people in my life that are a match for that energy.  

I am not in control of other people and I don’t have to hold anyone else responsible for how my life is unfolding.  I want everyone to have the fun that I am having in this life experience. I love knowing that whatever is going on right now, I can continue to tell a better story and the universe will match my better story.  Everything that I am getting is because of my story. As I practice new thoughts that are in alignment with my new mind, I will continue to see evidence that I have changed the story.

We are all more in harmony with each other than not in harmony.  We all struggle with the same fears, doubts, and insecurities.  It is up to me to fixate on the parts of people that I love instead of the parts that I don’t.  I am responsible for my experience of all of it. 

Abundance is really about people flowing to me, and ideas, and inspiration that is flowing. And I can think, feel and act at this moment and I can surrender to the leverage of the universe floating through me and to me. I am rich in the vibrational experience. Once you achieve the internal shift in energy and learn how to sustain that energy, the universe will align.  

Things that have never happened before are beginning to show up. And I have patience and eagerness and can consciously recognize that if I stay in an internal state of flow and peace, I will continue to show up as a different human.  

And as I show up as a different human, the universe will continue to align and bring me surprises. I don’t need to know exactly where life is going.  I can look forward to what is possible. I am looking forward to meeting new people and having new experiences, new insights, new awakenings, new growth.

I like how my new thoughts create the inner sensation of FREEDOM. It is exhilarating and exciting to play the game of achieving freedom and abundance.  I was energetically out of whack, but now I am energetically in alignment. 

I have the abundance of health, friends, fun, clarity, stamina, so many things.  I know there is nothing I cannot do or be or have.  I am proud of myself for the work that I am doing.  

The universe sees me for who I am. I love going with the flow. I love tapping into my authentic self which is always loving. I have the capacity to tap into this more often.  When I don’t feel good, I have gotten sucked back into my Inner Critic thinking, and I am not recognizing it.  

I now know I am the creator of my own reality. If you believe that you are already someone who you would train your physical brain to find evidence to support your new reality. Everything starts with a thought that creates a stronger thought that creates an emotion that creates actions that creates different results. 

But it all begins with your thoughts. And you become a witness to changes that are occurring in your physical world because you began to consciously and deliberately practice thoughts in alignment with what you do want instead of practicing thoughts that are in alignment with what you don’t want. 

We talked about step one, think thoughts that are only in the here and now. Step two, think thoughts that are in alignment with a completely different SELF that is separate from your Inner Critic identity. Step 3 is to trust the process. 

Everything is unfolding as it should. You can remain centered and at peace because you don’t have to control and fix and script life anymore. Your Inner Critic is the one that is all about fear, force, control over your future, anxiety--your Inner Critic is the one that NEEDS to know.

Do you believe more in the inner knowing of your Authentic Self or do you believe what your old Inner Critic mind has been saying? Emotions like fear, worry, uncertainty means you are listening to your Inner Critic. When you are consciously and deliberately using your new mind to navigate all of life, you are finally FREE!

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