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Your Blind Spots

Today I want to talk about blind spots. Those are the parts of our lives where we are completely blind to what is keeping us stuck.  It’s the parts of ourselves that we don’t even know, that we don’t know. We are often blind to the thoughts that make us feel badly.  Examining those blind spots allows you to see where you have been engaging in certain habits that don’t serve you.  

Because much of what keeps bad habits in place are blind spots.  Said a different way-- how many times have you set an intention to break a bad habit?  Think about overeating at night or when you’re bored or overspending (Retail therapy anyone?) Or how about yelling at your partner or children only to regret it moments later? You set the intention and may start off strong with breaking the habit..a day, two days, 1 week, 3 weeks… but soon enough, you find yourself returning right back to that bad habit and wondering what gives??  Will I ever be able to change? What’s wrong with me??  

Here’s the thing--there’s nothing wrong with you.  You’re not broken. There’s simply something in the way or something missing and chances are high it’s squarely in your blindspot.  

Sometimes it may be a bit confronting for you to examine your blind spots.  I know when I uncover my own blind spots and see what I have been doing over and over, it is GROSS!  But I am committed to continuing to uncover my own blind spots in service of my own growth and development.  The same discomfort may be true for you.

I define blind spots as a way of thinking and behaving that you don’t see has you repeating the same undesirable actions over and over and getting the same undesirable results over and over again. Identifying your blind spots will help you recognize when your thinking and behavior are being dictated by them and can help you overcome them. 

Gaining a true understanding of yourself requires you to use uncomfortable feelings to help you make sense of what automatic thoughts and beliefs you are experiencing that are causing you to feel the uncomfortable emotion.  Remember, your emotions are based on the automatic thoughts that are whipped up by your Inner Critic mind. When our Inner Critic is the one assigning her automatic interpretation, we become a slave to our negative emotions. 

But we can actually decide how we react to events in our lives. If we are paying attention to our automatic thoughts and beliefs, we actually have the choice about how we feel. When we are experiencing emotions like fear, resentment, or anger and we don’t examine the automatic thoughts and beliefs that are driving these emotions, we might react in ways that are not in alignment with who we want to be or the lives we want to be leading.  Your emotion is always the product of your mind. It is our thoughts that create our emotions.  

When our Inner Critic is in control of our mind, we see things that are not really there!  For example, a child might be told she made the bed wrong. What the child sees is, “I AM wrong for making the bed wrong.”  As human beings, we tend to identify ourselves by our thoughts and emotions. We actually think we ARE our thoughts and emotions.  When can recognize that our thoughts and feelings are not an accurate depiction of reality, we begin to look at ourselves and our lives through a new lens. 

This is when you have the power to change how you experience yourself and other people in your life. Begin to recognize the automatic meaning that your Inner Critic assigns to you, your relationships, your circumstances, like, “what’s wrong with me?  What’s wrong with my child? I am being disrespected. I am not a good enough mom.“

The actions that you take in your life are directly linked with the meaning that your Inner Critic assigns. Because we are always seeking out comfort, when our Inner Critic has a repetitive and automatic meaning that she assigns to life circumstances, she becomes easily triggered.  She is the one who assigns the meaning that creates the thoughts that trigger us.

When your Inner Critic is triggered into these “stories”, we take actions that are consistent with these stories. We react from an angry place when we feel disrespected. We blame others for making us feel like we’re not good enough.   

When you break the habit of blindly allowing your Inner Critic to rule your mind, you discover parts of yourself that perhaps you have never seen before.  You begin to take actions that are in alignment with the way you want to think, feel and act.  You rewire a new mind, from which you design a new sense of self, and a new ability to design a different future moving forward. 

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