You’re Driving Me Crazy!

self Oct 25, 2017

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We all get frustrated sometimes. Our expectations aren’t met. Our intentions get thwarted. What we want to happen isn’t happening fast enough. We keep doing what we think will produce the best result we want, but it still seems to go nowhere. What to do about it?

We can stomp our feet in frustration, we can pull our hair out, we can throw an adult temper tantrum.  All that will get us is painful feet, thinning hair, and a reputation for being immature.

Frustration that dominates our lives becomes a problem. Life is filled with circumstances and events that can be frustrating. But if we get triggered into an over-reaction when things don’t go our way, it is usually the inner critic that has taken over.

She is the one who makes your blood pressure rise and the one who feels angry and resentful towards whatever or whomever is blocking you.

As always, the first step in easing the frustrations we feel is observation. Noticing when we are feeling frustrated is the first signal that our inner critic is taking over. What is she saying now that you haven’t done?

  • Is she telling you that you are failing at what you set out to do?
  • Is she criticizing you for not reaching your goal, or for not being nice, or for being less than perfect?
  • What expectations does she have that you are not meeting?

Can you begin to see that the Inner Critic is the one who is getting frustrated with you? Because her perfectionistic standards are not met, she gets frustrated, angry and disappointed.

We have to remember that we are all separate from our inner critic. When we remember that we are separate, we can let her be the one who is frustrated, and we can become calmer, and give ourselves and the world some breathing room. Then we can literally breathe easier and with every breath, our blood pressure can reduce, our anger can dissipate, and we can become more realistic about what is frustrating us.

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