017 Taking Command of Your Story

podcast Nov 01, 2018

Valerie Gordon is the owner of career and communication strategy firm, Commander-in-She. Through Commander-in-She, she uses her storytelling background with her passion for helping women define success on their own terms. She provides presentations and workshops on how to use the principles of storytelling to create the story that you want to live. She also helps clients with the communication and content that tells the story that will positively impact their business and their careers.

Today, we’re discussing:

  • How to embrace telling new stories about ourselves
  • Realizing you’re in control of the stories you’re telling yourself
  • Becoming the central character in your story by becoming curious about change
  • If you believe something is true, you’re going to find evidence that it’s true
  • Sitting with the discomfort of change without knowing how everything will turn out
  • Flashing forward to think about what will happen when everything goes right
  • We can always make a choice to do something different in our lives

Connect with Valerie:

Website: www.commander-in-she.com

Instagram: @CommanderInShe

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