Are You Sleepwalking Through Life?

life Mar 21, 2018

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Are You Sleepwalking Through Life?

Many of us unknowingly sleepwalk through our lives. We have repetitive thoughts that play on a continuous loop.  We listen to the same worries, the same negative beliefs, regrets, “what ifs” and shoulds' and shouldn’ts day in and day out.  When we sleepwalk through life, we become stuck, dissatisfied and unable to see possibility for ourselves.

Does this sound familiar to you?  We have good news! It doesn’t have to be this way.  

“Waking up” to your life takes intention, commitment and consistency.  Taking on a daily practice of reflecting on your thoughts, even if for 5 minutes a day, can break-up your sleepwalking habit causing you to be more awake and alive.  

Here are some targeted questions we encourage our clients to ask themselves during reflection.  We invite you to take them on daily for a few weeks and then let us know what you begin to notice.  

  1. How can I be at peace with my past?  Although you can look back on what has occurred in your past and extract life lessons from doing so, you cannot change decisions you’ve made and actions you’ve taken.  Coming to peace with your past may involve reflecting on how you have evolved and grown as you have traveled life’s journey. Or, it may come from making a powerful declaration to put the past back in the past where it belongs!
  2. How can I be kinder to myself?  Reflect on how you desire to be treated by others and then take the opportunity to actually  treat yourself that way. Engage in some necessary self care. Give your body rest when it needs it, take breaks from work to give yourself some a friend for lunch, stretch, go for a walk, read a book.  Get enough sleep. For most of us that is between 7-8 hours a night. Remember that you are human, and you will make mistakes. When you are kind to yourself and have room for your own humanity, you will be far better equipped to listen to the empowering messages in your mind, dethroning the automatic and repetitive messages of the Inner Critic.
  3. Where can I find laughter today?  Appreciating the lighter side of life is not something that is natural for most of us.  When you can bring laughter into your life, it makes it easier to handle challenges and bounce back from disappointments.  When you are stuck in traffic or waiting in line at the supermarket, find something to giggle about even if it requires digging deep.  Can you laugh at yourself when you are feeling tense or notice that you are taking yourself really seriously? Practice the use of humor to resolve conflicts with loved ones or co-worker

Spending just 5 minutes a day and asking yourself these reflective questions has the power to disrupt your autopilot setting of sleepwalking through the day.  Wake-up to your life and allow yourself to explore what’s possible now and in the future.

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