Reinventing Your Relationship To Your Career

career Jan 03, 2018

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Are you unhappy in your job?  Feeling stuck?  Bored?  Do you find yourself fantasizing about making a move?

Many of our clients answer “yes” to these questions.  They see their happiness and fulfillment as being one job move away.  What we find is that those who are feeling stuck and bored in their current job may have actually felt stuck and bored in their past job(s).  This points to a habitual pattern in the way they think about their career, and may even be a habitual pattern of thinking that affects other areas of their lives as well.  We call this habitual way of thinking the voice of our Inner Critic.  And this voice, left unaddressed, can create a  pattern of dissatisfaction that will repeat itself.  So, before you set out in search of greener pastures to find fulfillment, consider bringing awareness to automatic thoughts of your Inner Critic.  Bringing awareness to this voice has the power to reinvent your relationship to your career.  How?  Read on…

Reinvent Your Relationship to your career in 3 Steps:

1. Focus on what is working rather than what isn’t

Our Inner Critic voice has a bad habit of focusing on what isn’t working or how things could or should be different than they are.  What if you could re-frame the conversation in your head to actually focus on all that IS working?  You might be surprised with what you find.  One of our clients recently took on a daily practice of journaling all that is right in his job.  Within a week he recognized a sense of gratitude that hadn’t existed a week before.  As they say, attitude is everything, so pick a good one.  It’s a great place to start. 

2. Use career envy to generate awareness

Ever notice that you create stories in your mind about other people’s jobs?  When it comes to career satisfaction, most of us romanticize how it goes for other people…they have it better, they have a higher level of satisfaction, they are fulfilled, they are living their dream.  This is what our Inner Critics do!  Instead of putting your energy into wanting what other people have, we invite you to get to know what’s behind your career envy.  What is it that the other person is doing that intrigues you?  What do you want that this person has? Is it peacefulness, fulfillment, financial security, flexibility, connection, freedom?  How does your Inner Critic sabotage you from creating this for yourself? 

3. Be the change

With this new awareness, be responsible for creating what you want and need in your current job.  Do you want to develop your leadership skills but no one is giving you the chance to manage others?  CREATE it!  Come up with a project that will add value within your organization, take ownership of it and perhaps even enroll the company in bringing on an intern for you to mentor.  Do you want more flexibility in your schedule?  Propose a “work from home” day or a modified work schedule.  Are you overworked and under-resourced?  Put it on loud speaker with your manager and brainstorm ways to reallocate what’s on your plate.  Learn to overcome self-doubt and quiet your fears so that you can create your career the way you want it to be.  

Before you begin the job search looking for fulfillment in that next position, gift yourself the space and time to view your situation through a different lens instead of the lens of your Inner Critic.  Even if you ultimately decide that finding a new job is the right next step for you, let’s have you running towards that job from an empowered place instead of running from that job disappointed and disillusioned.   

If you’re interested in speaking with us to explore what’s possible for you in your career when your Inner Critic is not in the driver’s seat, contact us today to schedule a sample session.    

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