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self Oct 25, 2017

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Through our work with hundreds of clients, we have discovered a theme.  This theme is that most of us derive our sense of self comes from the messages of our Inner Critic. We believe the messages of our Inner Critic, even when life gives us no evidence.  Even when life gives us a totally opposite message, in fact!

If our Inner Critic tells us that we are not good enough no matter how many people love us, no matter how much success we have had in our live, no matter how many compliments we have received, we only listen to what our Inner Critic says.

We think we hear those positive things about ourselves because we have “fooled” the ones we love. If they REALLY knew us the way we “know” ourselves, they would see what we know to be true. But, thus far, we have fooled them. What great con artists we all are! What if others actually see us for who we REALLY are?

What if who we think we are, our self concept, is really the lies our Inner Critic has been telling us for our whole lives?

When we listen to the lies of our inner critic, we don’t let people get too close, or they will discover that we are not enough. So, it is our Inner Critic that is responsible for keeping our heart closed.

  1. When our hearts are closed, our walls of protection are up.
  2. When our walls are up, even the best relationship advice can’t help with saving a marriage.

In our work with our clients, we’ve discovered that a closed heart contributes to:

  • Depression,
  • Anxiety,
  • Low energy,
  • Feelings of tiredness and being run down.

When our hearts are open, this creates high energy, and we can experience joy, passion, enthusiasm. So, our energy level has little to do with our age, our sleep patterns, our eating patterns. Mostly, our energy level has to do with whether our hearts are open or closed, which depends on what our Inner Critic is telling us at any given moment.

How much energy you have, how much love you feel, how much enthusiasm you have, how much enjoyment of life you experience is all about keeping your heart open. 

Keeping your heart open, regardless of the circumstances, is what creates true joy, vitality and love.  Whether you are single and looking for a relationship, want to make a good relationship even better, or want to fix a troubled relationship, knowing how to keep your heart open, regardless of the circumstances, is the key.

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