Is Your Inner Critic Being a B*$ch about Spring?

life Apr 04, 2018

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Hey Dethroning Tribe!

Spring has finally sprung!  For many, this time of year is about renewal.  The winter coats are put away, the daffodils are out, the sun is shining, and the days are longer.  Some feel the pull to spend more time outside, clear the clutter, maybe take on a new eating and exercise routine…. get out of the hibernation mode of winter!

 For others though, a new season is reason for the Inner Critic to hyper-focus on what’s missing in life.  The newness of Spring is just another reminder that others are happier (turn no farther than your Instagram feed for proof), everyone is on vacation and you’re not (thank you Facebook), life is just better for that person over there (compare and despair).  Even worse, because this new season is Spring, your Inner Critic jumps right into shoulding you by saying, “It’s Spring.  Everyone loves Spring. You should too.  You’re supposed to be happy! Everyone else is!”  

Does any of this sound familiar?  You’re not alone.  

Here’s the thing.  We believe that your Inner Critic being triggered by the newness of the Spring season is actually a sign.  Yes..we say it’s a sign that at long last, it’s time to take a look at what’s keeping you stuck in a rut. It’s time to break the predictable pattern of spinning in place.  It’s time to acknowledge that it is your Inner Critic that is keeping you stuck.  Stay in your head with your Inner Critic comparing you to others, feeling sorry for yourself about the life you don’t have, trying to figure out what’s wrong with you and NOTHING.WILL.EVER.CHANGE.  No Action = No Risk = No Change.  

Here’s what we mean.

  • If you don’t ask for a raise (no action), you won’t risk being told that you’re not doing a good enough job at work to deserve the raise (no risk) and you won’t get a raise (no change).  
  • If you don’t make a decision to leave a dysfunctional relationship (no action), you won’t have to worry about whether you made the “wrong” decision (no risk) and you will continue to get what you’ve been getting in that relationship (no change).
  • If you don’t lose the weight (no action), it keeps people from getting too close to you, and you can stay invisible.  If you stay invisible, no one can ever see your faults, flaws and inadequacies (no risk) and you remain unhealthy and frustrated with your body (no change).  


Pretty uninspiring huh?  And, the truth is, we have yet to meet a client who willingly chooses to stay stuck once they have distinguished the perpetuating pattern of their Inner Critic.  

So, what’s a person to do?  YOU MUST BE WILLING TO GET UNCOMFORTABLE!  

This means letting yourself feel fear, unpredictability, excitement and discomfort and take the action anyway with your eye on your highest commitment, to grow, change, evolve.

When you stop taking cues from your Inner Critic and actively pursue discomfort breakthroughs happen.   

We want to hear from you, dear Tribe Member.  So please press reply to this email and answer the questions.

  • Where are you stuck in a rut in your life?  
  • What action are you fearful of taking?  
  • What’s the risk you’re avoiding?

Let this Spring be YOUR SPRING.  Take your cues from those true desires within, your highest commitment and get yourself into action despite the fear of your Inner Critic.  

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