How to Stop Overanalyzing Your Life

career self Jan 23, 2018

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Yesterday, we talked with a new client, a senior level executive with years of experience as a leader, a history of promotions and ample accolades.  

In each discussion we have with her, we become more present to her greatness. But we also feel heartbroken to hear how loud her Inner Critic is judging, assessing and chattering negative messages.

“You’re obsolete.”

“You’ll never find that dream job.”

“The great years of your professional life are over.”

Unfortunately, this is a familiar conversation to us. Many of our clients find themselves in a place where they’re unable to take action.

They analyze and overanalyze what they should or actually say.

For many of us, our Inner Critic’s messages sabotage us and keep us stuck, saying some variation of:

“I don’t feel like I’m ready. I don’t have what it takes.”

“I’m not going to do it perfectly, so I don’t want to do it at all.”

The voice of your Inner Critic is not YOU and as soon as you can see and really own that, you can move the story of your Inner Critic to the side, and keep moving forward. Even in the face of discomfort. Even when you don’t feel like it. Even when you rationalize there are a million other things you’d rather do.

One of our favorites, Marie Forleo, is all about this progress over perfection mantra. She talks about how perfectionism can crush your productivity and stop you from taking action.

When our Inner Critic is running the show, it’s hard for anyone to see their own greatness -- or take action in their own lives. A coach can see what you can’t see for yourself because you’re used to taking cues from your Inner Critic.

Between the two of us, we have not one but four coaches. A coach helps us reflect and see our Authentic Self, especially when we can’t.

Giving yourself this level of self-awareness is no longer a perk, but a must, in today’s world.

Now we’d love to hear from YOU.

If you weren’t listening to your Inner Critic, what would be different in your life? Where are you stuck in your Inner Critic’s story of you? What would be possible if you could stop taking your cues from your Inner Critic and find your true passion?

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