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As I Awaken, I Awaken You

podcast Jul 28, 2020

Can't listen? Here's the transcript:  

Hey Dethroners!  I am getting so many messages from so many listeners around the world, about the pain that you are in. I want to talk about the world we are living in right now, filled with so much uncertainty, so much fear, so much social and political injustice, unemployment rising, COVID numbers skyrocketing, how can WE ALL play a part in changing the world we are living in?  How can we all wake up to who we are meant to become? 

With the state of the world right now, we have a powerful opportunity to reflect and refocus on the things that really matter to us. We really have 2 choices. Either we bury our heads and stay stuck in the familiar fear, despair, and helplessness, or we take this time to be the change we want to see in the world. 

I truly believe that we are all on a journey to continue to become who we are really meant to be. I believe that this is a never-ending journey, with no arrival point.  Collectively, we are ALL responsible for participating in the ills of the world. 

How are we all responsible? Because an essential part of fixing the world is fixing ourselves and we as a culture have been living on autopilot for waaay too long.  We have seen so much violence this year, so much hate, so many unnecessary lives have been lost, so much divisiveness. We want so badly for things to be different out in the world. Yet, what we completely accept as normal, is the hatred, violence, attack, ridicule, shame, blame, fear and injustice we inflict on ourselves. 

So many people are living with so much pain, and keep reliving it over and over. If you are dealing with something in your life that keeps showing up over and over-- maybe it’s staying in an abusive marriage, maybe it’s not being able to lose the weight you’ve been carrying for years, or you can’t succeed in the areas of life that you want, it is because you are stuck in some shame or trauma from your past, that is the voice of your Inner Critic, and you’ve never done the work to know how to unhook from it.

Trauma is NOT only associated with experiencing something horrific in your past.  Trauma is anything that you have absorbed from your past that has created a pattern of thoughts and nervous system responses that have been playing out over and over. You can experience trauma from a critical or absent or addicted parent.  Trauma is anything that programmed your mind and nervous system to react from your survival mechanism fight, flight, fear.

And you might not even realize that you have these conditioned responses embedded in your mind and body. You just keep reacting to your current life circumstances over and over and you think it has something to do with the circumstances themselves. And it is NEVER the circumstances  It is always the same conditioned habits of thoughts, emotions and behaviors. 

And many people don’t do the work because they don’t have the same outrage for what they do to themselves and they don’t have the same intense passion to end the hatred and violence within our own minds. We don’t yet understand that an attack on ourselves IS an attack on humanity.

We condemn other people for the injustice, but we aren’t willing to do the necessary self-reflection to see how we perpetuate this injustice onto ourselves.  We want the voices of the black and brown communities to be heard and validated, and at the same time ignore our own inner voice. We see how the murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, and so many others have traumatized the global community.  And at the same time we devalue our own lives and inflict the same hatred and pain upon ourselves every day.  

We give compassion and empathy to the suffering that has been inflicted on so many communities--LGBTQ, Black and brown communities and we give almost no compassion and empathy to ourselves. We can’t be so outraged about the problems of pain, injustice, and judgment and hatred that have existed in our world for centuries, and not do the work to fix ourselves as well. 

When we aren’t willing to do the work of our own self-examination, how can we build a new world where we are dismantling hatred, anger, racism, abuse?  Self-examination and ending hate are completely interconnected. When we are not doing the work to examine our own minds, we are not breaking the cycle. 

It has to stop with YOU first.  And by learning how to change one or two patterns of thinking, you have the power to change your whole life. You need to be willing to create peace within yourself first and hold yourself accountable to that peace from within.  How can you seek the ending of injustice in the world if you are continuing to inflict this injustice upon yourself? 

We can’t change the evil in the world if we aren’t willing to eradicate the self-inflicted evil within ourselves. We need to be willing to take responsibility for how selective we are about whose lives deserve love and support and learn to be as generous with our own love and compassion for ourselves as that which we give to others. 

The commitment to doing better for marginalized communities is because we haven’t done enough for them as a nation. We are opening our eyes to this now, and yet it has been right in front of our faces.  We didn’t see then what we see now.  We had blind spots.  

Collectively as we are opening our eyes wider to so many injustices in the world, can we also think about how we might be inflicting this injustice on ourselves or on someone else, maybe even someone we love?  The things we hate in this world also live within ourselves. We have been in denial and turned a blind eye to what goes on out there in the world, and also to what goes on in our inner world. 

Instead of criticizing or judging ourselves, or judging someone else, can you bring compassion for your own inner struggle, as well as for theirs? 

As we embark on the difficult work to be done in this country, I think it is important to recognize that everything we are going through right now is an opportunity to heal and grow. Creating a world where we are kinder to each other begins when we are much kinder and loving to ourselves. 

Ending systemic racism and injustice can’t happen unless we take responsibility to clean up our thoughts we have about others and about ourselves. When we all play our part to do this work, we are thinking in a way that has the power to change how the world works. Systemic racism, corruption, greed, unemployment, COVID, all the issues in the world today don’t have to make us feel so powerless and out of control.  We don’t have to stay in anger, grief, despair and helplessness. 

The issues in the world at large are a mirror for the issues within ourselves.   There are really only 2 ways to live: Either your automatic Inner Critic is preventing you from acting on your gifts and keeping you stuck and fear and suffering, and imagining worst-case future scenarios, or you are acting in alignment with a loving mind where you have room for your own growth journey and allow yourself to become who you were meant to be. 

Creating a loving world begins with loving ALL of you. When you do the work to love yourself, everything changes. It all begins with love. Love is the greatest healer.  Whatever you experience outside, you experience within yourself. If I want to live in a world where there is more love and acceptance and equality, I have to remember that it begins with creating love from the inside and then allowing that to radiate out into the world.  

I feel very powerful about empowering all people and I feel that the more people who feel empowered in the world, the more that we can empower ALL people.  A healthy world begins with healthy thoughts--and that begins with you. 

Horrible things happen in the world-- that is a fact. The work we need to be doing is examining what are the thoughts collectively we have been having as a culture that have created emotions and behaviors that need to be fundamentally changed and healed. Our life is always changing. Just when we think we have it all figured out, along comes a new circumstance that makes us feel like life is out of control. 

We need to continue to stay in the flow of this. There is no arrival point. We need to let go, trust the universal energy of life, and continue to work on loving ourselves.  This is where it all begins.  

If you are experiencing something in your life right now that is making this moment in your life really hard for you, ask yourself honestly if what you had before is really what you wanted. Can you use this time in life to evaluate what you really want your life to be moving forward? 

Just because we were used to living the fast-paced life we had before, do we really want to go back to living the way we used to live? Do we really want to go back to being so busy that we have no time for self-reflection, no time to examine or pain that we have kept pushed down for so long? Are there parts of this new life that are actually in some ways more healthy than your old way of life? 

This moment of pause that we have been living for the past 4 months is actually an opportunity to do your own work on your mind. You don’t need to cling to the past and the old way of life and resist the life you are currently living in. This is a moment in time that we can actually use as a gift, this collective pause where you can actually get in touch with who you really are and what you really want your life to be. 

I have been using this pause to really reflect on what is my true life’s purpose.  Before COVID, I was starting to travel to different companies, travel to bigger stages, and I had no time to reflect on whether that was what was really good for me and my life. And now I realize that I am so unbelievably grateful that I am a digital entrepreneur and had an online business for years. 

These past 4 months I have been able to help so many people to find their true power, and change the direction of their lives--all in the middle of a global pandemic!  If that is not the universe working through me, I don’t know what is.  

I have used this time to get really quiet, to reflect on my own Inner Critic hard wiring that kept me stuck in my own rat race and to really look at what my heart wants me to do. I have used this time to step into a very different mindset. I have done more work on loving myself in these past 4 months than I ever have before.

I have let go of needing to know where my life is headed. All I need to know is that my life’s calling is to support as many people as I can to learn to love themselves. I am very grateful for this calling and I know that the dethroning your Inner Critic work has a huge impact on people’s lives. 

I want to end the mental pain and suffering that people experience. All I want is for people to know how to heal their minds and to have the power to create a better future. I now know that the universe has my back.  I don’t have to have such a tight grip on trying to control or bulldoze life. 

When I feel any sense of tension or fear, I am breaking wide open my own Inner Critic thoughts that have kept me stuck in people-pleasing, future thinking, worry, and control.

As the world is shifting, I am shifting with it, along with the beautiful souls that I have the privilege to support along this journey. As I awaken, I awaken you. I know that this pandemic is leading us somewhere. And you have to have faith that if you just stay awake, and pay attention to what all of this is trying to teach you and show you.  

It is really time to step INTO the fear and the unknown. Stop keeping yourself small and waiting for all of this to be over before you step out of your comfort zone and finally give yourself the opportunity to heal whatever it is that you need to heal. It IS your time.  Just take the first step towards your healing and growth.

You don’t even need to know if it’s the right step. Just take the first step. Get uncomfortable with your badass self. You CAN be the change. The world needs all of us more now than ever before. 

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