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Are You Living in Memory or Inspiration?

podcast Jul 21, 2020

Can't listen? Here's the transcript:

Hey Dethroners!  Today I want to talk about the difference between living life from your memory and living a life from inspiration. First, let’s talk about what it means to live life from your memory, which is where probably what 90% of people do.  

The work of dethroning your Inner Critic is to dissolve your hidden conditioned computer programs that block you from living the life that you want and attaining your dreams in every area of your life. Essentially, we are learning how to think from an entirely different mind than the one that we have been using throughout our lives. But rewiring a new mind is virtually impossible when we are continuing to drag along pain from our past. 

Most people have no idea that they continue to drag toxic energy and faulty thinking from their past that is tainted by painful memories. They are stuck in suffering over the people that hurt them, or circumstances that should have been different and stay stuck sometimes for decades dissecting and reliving the painful memories from the past so that they can heal.  

But here is the thing about painful memories from your past---those memories are tainted by your thoughts that you created and the pain that those thoughts caused. And I am certainly not saying that horrible things don’t happen to people. Because they most certainly do! But what I am saying is that when you learn to release the toxic energies that you have been holding onto about what happened from your past, you no longer keep getting triggered over and over in your present. 

Most people have no idea just how much they are getting triggered into the same old errors of thinking that are rooted in those painful memories. Most people have no idea how every day, they are waking up into the same thoughts that they have had forever.  They think their thoughts are about their current life problem. 

But in fact, the current situation in life becomes a problem when your automatic mind creates thoughts about the situation that turns it into a problem. Your repetitive habit of thinking is to jump back and forth from thoughts about the past, to thoughts about the future, over and over. And the thoughts about the future, are really just your Inner Critic trying to prevent the pain from your past from happening in your future.  

And the issue for all of us is that we think the most about the things that are the most important to us but those are the things that our Inner Critic mind has done the most damage to!  

But we don’t even see that we are living in our thoughts about the past and our thoughts about the future. We see these thoughts as necessary. As a culture we believe that our past has created parts of our personality. We believe that we are defined by our past.  

We believe that stewing over the past or worrying about how the future will unfold is how we should be navigating life. But the reality is that living in thoughts about the past is NEVER useful. Our thoughts about the past not only limit the life we are capable of living but actually keep us reliving our past over and over again.

It’s like groundhogs day. We keep blaming other people for why we feel the way that we do. We think that other people are responsible for our past emotions and we need to understand our past by ruminating about what happened and uncovering the pain from what happened.  

We even start fantasizing about what our lives would have been if the past events didn’t happen, or if they happened differently. But it is only your belief that it should have gone differently than how it went. And this belief causes so many people so much pain and suffering. 

Remember a belief is a thought that you think over and over, and so you have believed this for so long, that it seems true. And because you choose to continue to believe that belief, you can never find any peace about your past. Or you are wanting an apology from other people so that you can feel at peace.  

Here is what really creates peace--peace is the absence of wanting things to have gone a different way or the absence of the thought that something shouldn’t have been the way that it was. The problems we carry from our past are nothing more than replayed memories of our past that keep showing up in our lives to give us one more chance to see them with a completely new lens. 

Until you decide that you are going to stop thinking the same old thoughts over and over again about your past, you will never feel peace. Peace is something that YOU have to create yourself by shifting out of identifying with your thoughts and emotions, to stepping back and observing your thoughts and emotions. 

Every time you think a painful thought, you create your pain. Detaching and unhooking from the painful thoughts is what allows for moving on and releasing your pain.  Essentially, there are only two ways to live life-- either from memory or inspiration.  

Memories are old programs replaying on a repetitive loop.  So when you are fixated on things from the past, you are identifying with the same repetitive thoughts about what happened.   

If you stop believing your same old thoughts about what happened and stop believing that things would be better if it had gone differently or that you need to understand why someone did what they did or why you did what you did. You could experience the emotions from the past as a tool to show you your automatic thoughts that are connected to those emotions. 

That’s what your painful emotions are--they are a tool that you can use for your healing and growth. Your painful emotions, if used properly, can actually be an incredibly powerful tool you can use to rewire a completely new mind that has the power to completely alter the life you are currently living. I know it sounds like magic or fantasy, but I have seen this thousands of times working with people in my career and I have seen it in my own life.  

Your mind can only serve one master at a time--either it will serve whatever is automatically floating around in your mind, which is conditioned from your past, or it will serve your inspiration. And your Inspiration comes from within you.  

Your current identity consists of who you have believed you are for forever--that is just your memory. So one of the most important things to question is, “Who am I, really?”  The most powerful life you can live is when you know the difference between YOU and the voice of your Inner Critic. 

When you know that you are NOT your Inner Critic mind, you are able to consciously think from inspiration--the new life you are creating. That is a completely new, rewired mind. But before you create something new in your life, there will not be any evidence that it’s possible. 

Your automatic mind will want to find the evidence that it is possible-- that’s memory, that’s your habit of thinking. But when you are living your life from inspiration, you Stop looking for the evidence--when you are living your life from inspiration, you have to be willing to believe that creating something new from your new thoughts, and becoming someone you have never known before, is possible.  

You can actually intentionally fill your head with completely new thoughts instead of just listening to your old automatic thoughts that are rooted in memory. When you intentionally put thoughts in your head that are rooted in inspiration, they are a million times better and more powerful than the thoughts that were there from memory.    

Through the dethroning your Inner Critic work, I saw that for years, I was actually afraid of people but I never knew it.  MY Inner Critic mind made me a people pleaser.  I wanted everyone to like me all of the time and my experience of being good enough was dependent on what I thought other people thought of me. 

I still have those thoughts, but they are no longer the thoughts I identify with. They are the thoughts I unhook from every day. My new thoughts are from inspiration. My new thoughts are in alignment with the amazing life and business that I have created.  

My Inspired self--my new mind--are thoughts that are rooted in loving myself and not needing anyone else’s approval or acceptance.  

This work is about knowing the importance of cultivating new thoughts--but you have to DO THE WORK. You have the most powerful thinking device on the planet but most people don’t want to do the work to study the owner’s manual for how to use it. 

You want your thinking device to do all the work of cultivating the new thoughts FOR you. Dethroning your Inner Critic is the owner’s manual for your mind that teaches YOU how to use your thinking device. Most people have no idea how to use their minds.  They sleepwalk through life letting their automatic minds run amok and then wonder why they don’t have the life they know they are meant to live.

That is like getting into a car and wanting it to just magically get you to where you want to go.  Many people are easily frustrated-- they think a new thought once or twice and they want instant relief--or an instantly rewired new mind.

When you start the work of dethroning your Inner Critic, your Inner Critic mind will give you a million objections to the new thoughts that are in alignment with your inspired life. Your Inner Critic will work very hard to have you believe all of those objections and convince you that the objections mean something. We immediately want the new thought to feel as natural and normal as the old Inner Critic thought that we have been conditionally thinking for our whole lives. 

It is not your new thought’s job to convince you that it is real and true. You just created that new thought. The other thoughts are like 30, 40, 50  years old. The new thought is like the spark. You need to add oxygen to that thought to turn it into the burning fire.  You need to do the daily work of finding the evidence to support that new thought. 

The purpose of this work is to be restored back to love, moment by moment. You must first acknowledge that you are responsible for creating your life the way that it is. You have to come to see that your thoughts have created your life. 

What you call your problems are not the people, places and circumstances or situations.  They are your thoughts about them.  There is no such thing as “out there”.  There is only what is from within.  

By continuing to do the work of dethroning your Inner Critic, you can clear out the weeds of your mind so that you can better handle all of life with ease and grace, no matter what shows up. We can let go of trying to control where life goes. We just need to keep clearing the weeds.

It’s like a garden. You can’t force the plants to grow. They are going to grow at the pace they are going to grow. As long as you nurture, pick out the weeds, provide adequate water, and allow it to grow, it will flourish.  

Everything you seek is inside of you. There is no one else that is responsible for how your life goes. This work is about taking 100% responsibility for all of your thoughts, emotions, and actions that have created how your life is right now. 

Everything in your life right now that is causing you suffering is only a projection of your Inner Critic’s programming. Working on changing other people won’t work. They don’t need healing. YOU DO! Using the tools of dethroning your Inner Critic is about healing yourself because you are the source of all of your experiences.

So many people are completely unaware of how much they resist transformation.  They create a perpetual state of resistance instead of flow because they don’t do the work on a daily basis to clear out the weeds and they go back to identifying with and believing in the weeds. 

You can’t have the new thought magically erase all the thoughts you have been believing for forever. We have to be willing to believe in things that don’t yet exist, so that we can create them into reality. We have to believe in the person we are becoming that doesn’t exist yet, but we can become that person by selling ourselves on the process of dethroning your Inner Critic. 

By believing in the power of this work, and seeing our own capacity to become who we are meant to be, we have to believe that it is actually possible by committing to your new thoughts and practicing them over and over again. You have to believe something that doesn’t yet exist and believe that it is completely possible. Your Inner Critic  doesn’t like the unknown, so have trouble believing the thoughts before life shows you concrete evidence. 

A big part of this work is to find trust and surrender to the flow of your life, and to forgive yourself for automatically thinking from lack and desperation, which has created more lack and desperation. You need to find forgiveness for yourself because you didn’t realize that you were responsible for your suffering. 

The real source of power is to learn how to think from your inspiration. Many coaches and therapists talk about intention.  Inspiration is very different from intention. Your Inner Critic can get triggered with intention, because intention by definition, means to accomplish or attain something. 

Inspiration is not that. Inspiration is surrendering your Inner Critic’s attempts to control the future and instead to flow with life-- that is the secret to happiness. In the past, I have used intentions and used visualization in order to try to manipulate how my life goes which I now believe actually keeps us stuck in control. I realized that my own intentions were actually limiting me. I am not able to control where my life goes.

Living from inspiration is about taking inspired action, and letting the universe operate through us--because life is going to go where it goes. Your only job is to clean up your toxic thoughts and replace them with loving thoughts. When you do that, you clear the path to Take action on ideas and opportunities that come to you. That is how you remain at peace and create the life you want to be living.  

My job on this earth is twofold--to dethrone my own Inner Critic and fall in love with myself and allow my life to unfold AND to awaken people who are asleep to their Inner Critic thoughts that keep them stuck and support them to create thoughts, emotions, and actions that are from the inspired life they are designing. 

I no longer create goals or make plans for my future. I have inspirations that show up.  I keep my eye on my own awakening and supporting other people in awakening. I am learning to be more interested in this very moment than focusing on the next moment. 

If I am only paying attention to this very moment, my future unfolds quite effortlessly.  I have become more and more focused on trusting God, the universe or whatever is the divine energy that guides us. The more I let go of my Inner Critic and all of its demands, I allow that universal energy to guide me towards what is next. 

When I surrender to this greater power, this is what creates miracles in my life and in the lives of all my clients. The more I let go and trust, the more my life evolves in ways I never could have imagined was possible. I practice moment by moment awareness of unhooking from my Inner Critic and connecting with the universe.  

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