Joanna Kleinman & Emily Golden

The Power Team Behind Dethroning Your Inner Critic

After months of hearing about each other’s work in the world, we met at a local Starbucks in 2017. We knew almost immediately that we shared a vision to design coaching and training programs that empower women to create fundamental shifts in the limiting beliefs that hold them back and keep them stuck.

Our programs offer a practical methodology for understanding why you think and act in ways that keep you from living the life you want. We believe that when you learn to transform the way you view yourself, your relationships, your family, your career, and the areas of life that matter most to you, you have the power to redefine the quality of your life.

We consider it an honor and a privilege to create programs that inspire women to experience profound and lasting changes in the quality of their lives.


Joanna Kleinman, LCSW

For the last 20 years, Joanna Kleinman has been a practicing psychotherapist, life coach and motivational speaker, and is one of the top workshop experts for Campowerment, a women's empowerment business featured on the Today Show and in Oprah Magazine. Her unique and transformative methods help liberate people from their automatic thought patterns that are the main source of dissatisfaction and discontent in their lives. She has provided corporate programs for corporations including Commerce Bank, Cigna Behavioral Health, and The National Association of Women Business Owners. She has been published in Women’s Heath Magazine,, Courier Post, South Jersey Mom Magazine,,,,,,, and

Joanna lives in New Jersey with her husband of 22 years, Jon, and their three children, Max, Zach and Amanda. She and her family are involved with the Jewish Relief Agency, where they deliver food to families in need each month.


Emily Golden, ACC

Emily Golden is a certified Life Coach and Human Resources Consultant. During her 17 years working as an HR professional in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area, she helped hundreds of people to excel on the corporate track by identifying their blind spots and helping them to correct their course. Along the way, Emily realized she consistent felt pulled between the demands of her career and the needs of her two children, who were diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. Taking a leap of faith, Emily transitioned into working as a life, career, and leadership coach.

When Emily's not in the office, you can usually find her with her husband Jeremy and their two children, Maddie and Max. Emily enjoys spending time on her yoga mat caring for her resilient body, which is missing 6 discs in her spine as a result of Klippel-Feil Syndrome. She is also involved with the New Jersey Center for Tourette Syndrome and Associate Disorder.

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