Get the support, structure and skills to cool the flames and stay on track in creating joy, satisfaction and ease in life without sacrifice and struggle.

The Dethrone Journey is a complete on-the-go toolkit for identifying and navigating your Inner Critic’s hot spots - while you’re out there living your full, extraordinary life.

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Navigating your Inner Critic’s sneaky ways of keeping you stuck and small.

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You don’t need our permission, but here it is anyway.


When your transformational journey starts to feel like work… it isn’t working anymore.


When you’re trying really hard to get something or somewhere, chances are some of the benefits of the thing you’re going for are getting canceled out.


You can buy every self-help book that Amazon recommends to you.


You can fill every free minute of free time wondering if you’re doing enough.


What if instead of feeling hard, heavy and frustrating, the process of transforming felt rewarding, exciting and like you were like you are really growing and developing?

Access our most tested, powerful tools at your own pace and from the comfort of your back pocket

We’re busting the myth that transforming your life has to be complicated and require you to book a flight to Bali next week.

"I'm doing something I’ve never done in order to get something I’ve never had: Self love & self acceptance. Sharing life with a group of females feels good, is empowering, is interesting, is fun, and makes me realize I’m not alone in this roller coaster ride called life."

Ellen R.

"I feel so incredibly fortunate to have taken this course. I now see that I have allowed my insecurities to control my entire life, including my relationships. The course gave me incredible tools to stop being controlled by my inner critic, so that I can just be the best person that I can be! I can’t wait to pass these tools on to my kids!"

Katie C.

""I want to thank both of you for completely changing my mind set and helping me break away from my inner critic. You two are brilliant and work so well together as a team. I thoroughly enjoyed the group and information provided. I can't tell you how much more confident and in the moment I feel. I know that whatever comes my way my girls and I will be able to get through it.""

Tiffany S.

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  • Understanding your Inner Critic’s voice and motivations as separate from the truth of who you are and opening your eyes to the impact of listening to her
  • Identifying her hot spots - the six areas of life that are prime material for your Inner Critic to reign supreme, wreak havoc and keep you small
  • Adding to your repertoire of skills secrets to being a woman living an extraordinary life with her Authentic Self at the center of it
  • Living your daily life while you get supported to access more freedom and fulfillment within with our most tested, powerful tools (and get the kinds of interruptions you actually want in your inbox)

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